If, for some reason, you didn’t send in your son’s re-enrollment form by the 23rd June, please do not worry. The office re-opens on Monday 14th August ¬†and you can either contact the office by phone or come into the office during that week to pay the voluntary contribution and submit the form. If you are planning to move or change school, we would appreciate if you did inform us as soon as possible, by email or by letter. If your son is returning, his place will not be given away. There is no need to do anything before August 14th.

The reason for the re-enrollment form is to allow us to know who is planning on coming back and who may be moving away or leaving the school. We need this to plan for classes and for the timetable. We appreciate the effort that parents make throughout the year to keep us informed of any changes in their addresses/contact details, etc.